10 benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

People often rush to drink water whenever we are thirsty or after a meal. But many scientist and wellness practitioners say that drinking water on an empty stomach is the best thing people can do.

It is to be mentioned that most of our body is comprised of water. Water is the main ingredient in our body that helps to maintain smooth functioning of our organs.  Let’s dive deep into it and see what are the health benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach.

  1. It flushes off the bowel

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps in regulating the digestive tract. When people drink water early in the morning they feel the urge to clear the bowels.  If this habit is practiced it creates regular bowel movement which is great for the body. Thus by removing the waste everyday people can bring discipline to the bowel. It is always great to flush off the bowels  before going to office or before going out to do any important work.

2. It helps in releasing the toxins.

Toxic substances are created in the body overnight. When you drink a glass of water in the morning you feel the urge to visit the bathroom. When you pee it removes the toxins from the body.

3. It helps to clean the colon

Drinking water early morning can help you clean the colon. A glass of water in the morning can help get rid of the accumulated waste and helps faster absorption of nutrients. This helps in a healthier colon and overall good health.

4. It helps prevent headaches.

Drinking water can prevent headaches. One of the reason people get headaches is due to dehydration. Drink a glass of luke warm in the morning helps in hydration early in the morning. This gives an excellent start to your day and helps in preventing headaches.

5. It helps boost weight loss.

Drinking water can help reduce weight. This is because water is calorie free. When you drink water instead of beverages which are high on calories and sugar your overall calorie intake per day decreases. The children should be encouraged to drink water to prevent being over-weight or obese.

Drinking little cold water can help in reducing weight further. This is because the body has to work harder to make the water warm thereby burning more calories in the process.

6. It helps boost metabolism

If you are on diet and you want to boost your diet, drinking water on an empty stomach can help.  it has been found that drinking water can boost your metabolism by over 25%. This means that you digest food more smoothly and easily and thereby leading to weight loss.

7. It helps boosting energy.

If you are feeling sluggish drinking water on an empty stomach can help. This is because drinking water stimulates the red blood cells to grow faster. This results in more oxygen and more energy.

8. It helps to boost the immune system

Water is very important for your overall health and wellness. Water is essential for balancing the fluid in your body. Drinking water on an empty stomach can help regulate the immune system. When your immune system is healthy you can recover from infections fast as the body is more efficient in fighting it.

Most of the diseases originate in the stomach. Therefore, when you drink water regularly in the morning your stomach stays healthy. This helps the stomach to create less toxic materials and thereby helping to boos the immune system.

9. It helps in having a silky and smooth skin.

One of the reasons people have rough skin is because of the accumulation of toxic materials. Drinking water can help in getting a clear and glowing skin. When you have regular bowel movements and you keep your body free of toxins it helps in getting a nicer skin.

10. It helps improve your appetite.

It is so much important to eat regular meals. What is the best way to feel hungry? Drink water. Drinking water can increase your appetite and make you feel hungry. Thus, you can have that extra piece of potato or an extra piece of dessert if you drink some water.

Thus, it can be seen that drinking water can enormous health and wellness benefits. I have immensely benefited from this habit. Normally, you shouldn’t drink too much water but it is advised to have a glass of water in the morning and have around 8 glasses per day.

Why you should get a beach therapy ?

The sea and the beach have fascinated man for millennia, especially when he first found that he was unable to go any further, than the shallow waters.

Man did not know what lay beyond the edge of the beach in the vast body of water that lay in front of him sometimes calm, whilst at other times lashing in all its fury.

It took man a very long time to realize the joys of the sea though the beach would have been a place they would have had fun and frolicked.

We know now what lies beyond the seven seas, but the beach continues to fascinate us, just like it did, our prehistoric ancestors many millennia ago.

There is something about the beach that draws many towards it when they seek some relaxation from the rigors of modern living especially in built up urban cities.

The beach wherever it may be and its pristine environs dictate a sense of calmness, solitude and offer’s a healthy option to rejuvenate before you would go back to the grind.

They should be feeling good if not they would not come time and again to go through the same routine accompanied by their family and friends.

Let us see what the beach and sea has to offer in the form of natural therapy that could bring back some lost vigor and rejuvenate us.

The rising Sun

The soft warmth of the morning rising Sun would provide us the much needed vitamin D, which most of us living in suburban areas are rarely subjected to.

The rising Sun would also gently warm up our bodies which is similar to being in a Spa but this is a natural therapy with the other benefits that the environment has to offer.

If you are staying longer it would be imperative that you wear a protective sunscreen because there is a distinct difference between the early rising Sun, and the mid day harsh one.

Fresh salty air

Breathing in long drawn fresh salty air is good for our lungs and the total wellbeing of our body which would help expand the lungs to optimum.

Deep continuous slow breathing would help our respiratory system and the circulation of this air through our body.

Our lungs are generally accustomed to polluted urban air but long deep air mixed with a tinge of salt would surely be a good breathing therapy.


Unlike running on a hard surface the soft beach sand would dig our feet a few inches into the sand this would put additional effort for us to remove it and place the next step.

This takes a fraction of effort but it has a positive effect on the lower legs and muscles of the feet and it is necessary that you run bare feet to derive the full benefit.

The exercising would bring heavy breathing which would add to the additional expansion of the lungs which would need to be exaggerated to ensure optimum benefits.

Jogging on the soft beach sand is very much healthier than running on hard tracks or asphalt which could even damage muscles and sinews but not on the beach.

Warm beach sand

Lying down buried in the soft salty sand of the beach is a very popular therapy many practice because this provides evenly spread warmth in salty sand.

This is also comparable to a spa therapy and would allow the body to receive evenly spread warmth which would be quite rejuvenating.

Select an area where the beach sand is wet and cover the body with it as this is better than dried sand further away from the waters.

Let the wet salty sand dry up on the body which would provide a very soothing effect which would provide the right warmth the body would love.

Warm salty waters

Keeping yourself dipped in salt water especially when the Sun is up and water closer to the beach is warm is something we may not have anywhere else other than whilst in the sea.

The salt water therapy is a good stimulant to the body and when it is warm it would rejuvenate blood circulation to optimum levels.

Salt water is accepted as a good body therapy and the Sun warming up the water would add to the comfort which would be incomparable to none.

It is medically advised that immersing oneself in salt water has a good effect on our bodies and doing this regularly would keep you healthy.

Look miles into the horizon

Looking into the horizon is a very good exercise for the muscles in the eye and this is especially good for children who are daily with their computers or within four walled classrooms.

The muscles in their eye have less exercise as they tend to focus less on objects far away this is the reason children at a very young age wear spectacles.

Looking into the horizon and looking at objects closer would exercise and provide ample exercise for the muscles in the eye.

Children living in apartments are very vulnerable to the problem of not having sufficient exercises to their muscles in the eye, which has become a very grave issue indeed.

The sudden long and short focusing of the eye muscles would hold them in good stead as it would ensure that they refrain from wearing spectacles till old age.


Relaxation on the beach especially in the early morning and evenings would give you total relaxation which is good for those stressing out at work and unable to spend some time on their health.

The sea breeze would do you a world of good, it would be better than any other “fresh air”, which you would breathe anywhere else.

Fresh air mixed with salt water is good for your health and with such a vast area it is very unlikely to have any pollutants.

Brain Waves and Wellness

The main cause of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors is the brain. The brain waves are actually produced by synchronized electrical pulses of the communicating neurons within our brain. The brain waves are detected by using sensors placed on the scalp. They are divided into bandwidths and can be thought of as a continuous spectrum of consciousness.

One of the interesting findings about brain wave is the brain waves change according to what we are feeling or doing. While higher frequency brainwaves are more prevalent when we feel alert, lower frequency brainwaves are more prevalent when we feel tired or sluggish.

The brain waves are measured in hertz (cycles per second). And they are divided into bands starting from very low frequency bands to high frequency bands. Very few studies have been done on Infra-Low waves (<.5Hz). Therefore, this wave will not be discussed.
Other than Infra-Low brain waves there are several other kind of brain waves. They are as follows.

  1. Delta Waves (0.5 to 3Hz)

Delta Waves are generated in deep sleep or in deep meditation.  These waves are created at an unconscious level.  Restorative healing process takes place when delta waves are generated. Therefore, it is so important to have a good night sleep.

  1. Theta Waves (3 to 8 Hz)

Theta Waves are experienced during deep meditation and light sleep. In this state your mind experiences vivid visualizations, creativity, insight, intuition. When Theta waves are generated the mind is in a relaxed state but it is conscious of the surroundings.

  1. Alpha Waves (8 to 12 Hz)

Alpha is a place of deep relaxation particularly with closed eyes.  This is the best time to program the mind for success as it heightens the imagination, visualization, learning, mental co-ordination.

  1. Beta Waves (12 to 38 Hz)

Beta Waves are generated when we are in a state of consciousness.  Beta Waves are fast and is normally present when we are alert, solving problems or engaging in a particular task.  Beta waves may be divided into three bands a) Low Beta b) Beta c) High Beta. When frequencies of the Beta waves are in the higher ranges (22 -38 Hz) High Beta waves are generated.

High Beta Waves are generated when there is high anxiety or excitement. In this state, it is advised to calm the brain because decisions or thoughts generated during this phases may not be good as the brain is using more energy during this state.

  1. Gamma Waves (Above 40 Hz)

These waves are very high frequency brain waves. These waves are generated when the brain is used for fast information processing. It is said that greater presence of Gamma relates to spiritual emergence or expanded consciousness.

Our brainwaves and experience of the world is inseparable. When brainwaves are out of sync there may be corresponding problems to our mental health.

Over arousal in certain cases may lead to impulsive behavior and under arousal may lead to depression. Although recreational drugs or medication is used to change brainwaves they are not the preferred as they are induced by force.

Long term brain health depends on how we naturally train the brain. Natural wellness is the solution to a sound mental health.